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Rainbowkittys Blog Bits
Thursday, 4 November 2010
MDA Jailbird 11/17/10
Mood:  mischievious
Now Playing: We're in the Jailhouse Now
Ok, so I've been called to court and will be thrown in jail, MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) jail, that is. On November 17th at 11am, the Yuma police are coming to my job at the college to arrest myself and a co-worker or "partner in crime". They are taking us in handcuffs in a paddy wagon, according to my friendly parole officer. We will be jailed at the Buffalo Wild Wings and while everyone else is eating hot wings, we'll be lucky to get bread and water while trying to make bail of $1600 each. hahaha. So far, I've earned $542, so I still need to get $1058. My partner Marci needs $1535. We've never been "in trouble with the law" and never been jokes from the peanut gallery, please. So, needless to say, we are getting "scared" . We're looking for any way to bust out.


People can donate securely online which is MDA's preferred method.

My link is

Marci's link is:

Or, if you prefer, I've also setup a PayPal link, since several people have asked me. I've added that button to my webpage at Either way is secure.

My company doesn't offer any matching dollars or donations to help us out, so we're on our own. I've emailed everyone I can think of. I've mailed a bunch of Halloween cards with flyers. I'm making bracelets for those that want to donate and would like one. I'm going to do a bake sale and sidewalk sale (if approved by my supervisor) on Sat. Nov. 13th to try and earn some money that way. If anyone out there has any other suggestions how we can come up with the dough, I'd be much obliged.

If any of my peeps would like a "wanted poster" to post for me at their work or show friends, I can certainly supply you with one. If you think anyone might remember me and feel sorry for my jail plight, let me know. Yes, I'm talking to my 1st TN and UT work homies! hahaha.Then again, maybe you all are glad I'm getting thrown in the "slammer". Enter sound of crickets. As I cry and sing "Big Rock Candy Mountain." Sniffles.

So, please help any way that you can. Every bit helps. It is a tax deductible, charitable contribution which helps Jerry's Kids and keeps me out of "the big house". If you are comfortable asking any of your friends, family or employers for help, I'd be much obliged.

Gotta get that dough before 11/17/10, so help me out please. I never looked good wearing large horizontal black and white stripes, so I don't want to wear them for any longer than I have to. Even for such a good cause! hahaha

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for whatever help you can give! Better watch "Cool Hand Luke" for some pointers on the proper way to "communicate" on the chain gang, Boss.



Posted by rainbowktys2 at 5:56 PM
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Thursday, 16 September 2010
Eclipse dvd and Blu-Ray coming Dec. 4th!
Mood:  irritated
Topic: Twilight
Summit Entertainment has confirmed the release date for Eclipse dvd and Blu-Ray will be December 4, 2010. I was hoping that the predictions for an October 30th release date were correct so I'd have something cool to watch for Halloween weekend. Oh well. I guess I can wait awhile longer. The GREAT news is that Kristen and Robert will be on the special features doing more commentary crack-ups. (Remember Rob's engaging banter with the ever-dull Kristen and "cheeseburger" dialogue from Twilight? I LOVED THAT!) Well, I can't wait for the release! Then onward to 2011 and 2012 for Breaking Dawn pts. 1 and 2!

Posted by rainbowktys2 at 5:31 PM
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Wednesday, 4 August 2010
Sharing Savings With You Ecard giveaway
Mood:  chillin'
Check my friend Julie's Sharing Savings With You blog out today for a chance to win a free $5 EGift card by signing up for the Swag Bucks search tool bar. It's fast and easy. Contest ends tonight at 11:59. Thanks for sharing, Julie!

Posted by rainbowktys2 at 3:57 PM
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Sunday, 13 June 2010
Twi-Candy jewelry
Mood:  party time!
Topic: Twilight
Working with my family in making some cool Twilight stuff that all our family and friends will want to show off for their own Twi-parties and Eclipse movie mayhem. We will be putting together various charm bracelets in Twilight inspired themes with all the iconic charms. Specific charms/ "teams" upon request and are most welcome. Twilight necklaces and key rings may also be available soon. There will also be some Twilight apple ornaments, just in time for Christmas. So, stay tuned to this site for more information on cool Twilight inspired handmade merchandise that all your friends will want!

Posted by rainbowktys2 at 6:18 PM
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Rob-a-Palooza a success
Mood:  cool
Topic: Twilight
The Rob-a-Palooza party in May was a success, even though I ran around like a wild woman trying to get everything done and still forgot to do some things. It was a nice turn out and all the girls seemed to have fun watching the Twilight and New Moon movies, playing some trivia, eating themed food and getting their pictures made with Edward and Jacob by the spa. Since I forgot to play alot of games I had planned, due to time constraints...I've now planned to have a Twi-games event on the opening weekend of Eclipse. I'm renting out the theatre Saturday morning so that a small group (growing by the minute) of us can see Eclipse together. This will be a really cool thing, if everyone shows up that early in the morning, as it is only available for private screenings at 9am. More exciting Twi stuff to come regarding the movie release and games.

Posted by rainbowktys2 at 6:12 PM
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Friday, 12 March 2010
Twilight Party test cake
Mood:  party time!
Now Playing: Robert Pattinson music
Topic: Twilight

Due to my planning a Twilight themed party coming in May, I have been battling with the decision to pay out the wazoo to have someone make a special cake or myself try to make something. Last night, I stayed up until 1:30am making a singler tier, 2 layer red velvet cake with checkerboard fondant as practice. I am amazed that I was actually able to pull it off. Now, it wasn't perfect. I need to learn more how to flavor and roll out the fondant. I also made the icing from a recipe my Aunt gave me, but I'm so used to having cream cheese with red velvet cake, that I think I'll do that instead. Anyway, I took my little creation to work today to test it out and see what others thought. They all liked it. I had hardly any left over to bring back home. (Which is good because my hubby can't eat sugar and I shouldn't either.) So, based on the feedback today, it gave me the nudge of confidence that I should go for it and just make the cake myself. It will make it extra special that I made something. It may not be as picture worthy, but it will still be better than a Wal-Mart plain white cake. I hope. So, here is a picture of it along with some Twilight props I've been collecting to gear up for the party. Enjoy!

Posted by rainbowktys2 at 6:17 PM
Updated: Sunday, 14 March 2010 9:26 AM
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Monday, 21 September 2009
Web rings
Now Playing: Come on a My House- Rosemary Clooney
Topic: domain info
Well, I am trying to figure out ways to get more internet traffic and am looking more into some web rings. I created one for my Robert Pattinson fan page. It's called Robert Pattinson Syndrome. If you have a Robert Pattinson themed page, please feel free to join. Just visit my page and click on "join" at the web ring box.

Posted by rainbowktys2 at 3:19 PM
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Tuesday, 8 September 2009
new domain name
Mood:  silly
Now Playing: Singer standards on Demand
Topic: domain info

Last week I went ahead and purchased my domain for rainbowkittys through Tripod. It was a little complicated at that GoDaddy site, so I stuck with Tripod. I just need to get them to list the domain officially. Otherwise, I'll have to resubmit to all the search engines myself. I know it's silly to have a domain for my little bit of use, but I've been thinking about it forever and just decided to do it. Supposedly you get more internet traffic if you have a direct domain and not just the free websites. So, I'm giving it a shot. I still have a long way to go to learn all this process, but at least it makes a few people smile. At least the flag counter on the bottom of the page looks like there are several people visiting. Anyway, check me out at


Posted by rainbowktys2 at 3:02 PM
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Wednesday, 3 September 2008
Flag counter
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Rain on my Parade - Barbara Streisand
Topic: site visits

Hi, everyone.

 I'm so thrilled with the new flag counter that I added to my sites. Now I can see all the various countries that are visiting my sites by way of a little country flag being listed in the counter. So far, my main site has received 8 flags and some from Italy and Germany are repeat visitors. Thanks to everyone who has been enjoying my web home. I like having a happy place to display things that make me smile.


Posted by rainbowktys2 at 3:56 PM
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Thursday, 31 July 2008
How to make my clothespin dolls
Mood:  bright
Topic: clothespin dolls
I use the old fashioned straight pins with the rounded heads. I use acrylic paints to paint the whole body, depending on what doll I'm making. I like to get the packs of curly doll hair and then for clowns or other dolls, I'll sometimes use yarn for their hair. I've got a TON of different fabrics and love to change them up. I can't sew, so I use No-Sew glue to put my seams together or tack on my lace and trims. I use a hot glue gun to attach accessories and glue on popcicle stick arms. If I am making ornaments, I usually will glue a piece of ribbon the backs of the doll head before attaching the hair. You can also drill a small hole at the top of the doll head and attach a peg with a hole so that ribbon can go through that way. It's alot of fun to make these clothespin dolls. My favorites are the Christmas ornaments, Angels and the Wizard of Oz doll set. Thanks to everyone who loves Monica's Miniatures as much as I do.

Posted by rainbowktys2 at 9:42 AM
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